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Realty Reality
Commercial, investmentRealty Reality - Commercial, investment and residential real estate compiled news, resources, market trends, plus: and residential real estate compiled news, resources, market trends, plus:
business and personal development, safety, healthcare,  information, technology, recreation, fun/relaxation, music, travel, things to do and more.

From a South New Jersey RE/MAX REALTOR providing friendly professional, dedicated service - customized to your needs. WE GET RESULTS!

Although the thrust of Realty Reality is as a real estate news, market trends and information resource focusing on a region, it is actually broader in it's scope -- with articles covering an eclectic range of topics that are of a general interest and not necessarily region specific. Its range of articles incorporate news and useful information from other sources as well as original content.

Building / Remodeling
Celebrations / Holidays
Computer / Technology Related
Disasters / Emergencies
Energy Conservation
Floods / Flood Insurance
Gardening / Lawn Care
Fun / Relaxation
Heath Related
Mortgages / Loans
New Jersey Specific
Personal Development
Real Estate - Commercial
Real Estate - General
Real Estate - Residential
Real Estate - Investment
Real Estate - Market / Trends

Real Estate - Property Management
Recreation / Things To Do
Seniors  Issues

Archives: 2004-2005


Realty Reality - Commercial, Investment and Residential real estate compiled news, resources, market trends, plus: information and resources for business and personal development, healthcare, safety, emergency prevention and response, disaster recovery, taxes, credit, mortgages, seniors issues, lawn care and gardening, remodeling, travel, fun, relaxation, recreation, computers and technology, music, things to do and more!

Although the thrust of Realty Reality is as a real estate news, market trends and information resource focusing on a region, it is actually broader in it's scope -- with articles covering an eclectic range of topics that are of a general interest and not necessarily region specific. Its range of articles incorporate news and useful information from other sources as well as original content.


Recommended Books on Real Estate, Self-Development and Improvement, Finance, Business, Securities Investments, Historical, Educational, Self-Help; plus resources for on-line publications, e-Books and more.
British Library - Online Gallery: Turning The Pages
The Da Vinci Code - True or False
Finding The Right Vacation Home And Maximizing Your Benefits
Free Online Books and Publications
Google Book Search - View Books Online and Promote Yours
Great Reads About The Birth of Our Nation
Grow Your Business - Publish A Book
How To Become Wealthy Through Real Estate Investing
Our Founding Fathers On Religion
Online Gallery: Turning The Pages  (British Library)
Organize Your Garage And Turn It Into An Asset - e-Books Online for Partially Sighted or Visually Impaired
Real Meaning Behind Nursery Rhymes, The
Recommended Books
Recommended Real Estate Books
Reverse Mortgages - Convert Home Equity into Usable Dollars
The ABCs of TICs (Tenant-In-Common Properties)
Thinking Out Of Your Box


Building / Remodeling
Property development, building, new construction, ownership, contracting, commercial properties and residential homes, remodeling, repairs, additions, reconstruction, rehabbing, maintenance, increasing property value.
Click here for Building and Remodeling Category Index Page
See also "Gardening / Farming / Lawn Care / Landscaping"


All aspects of Business, including Startup, Market Opportunities, Management, Business Life-Cycle, Growing Your Business, Security, Human Resources, Employment, The Economy, International Business, Global Commerce.
Brand = Business Strategy + Brand Levels
Business Etiquette When Working With Other Cultures
Business Income and the Tax Gap
Census Bureau Tip Sheet
Census Bureau: Annual Survey of State and Local Government Employment and Payroll  [2006/05]
Commercial Space News
Construction and Trade Magazines for Free
Cost Segregation Can Reduce Your Company’s Tax Burden
Doing Business In India?
Economic Census Reports
Economics 101
Etiquette for Dining With Friends, Business Associates, Customers, Foreigners
Exit Interviews
FTC Seeks to Increase Fee for Do Not Call Registry Access  [2006/05]
Grow Your Business - Publish A Book
Hire Your Children And Save Taxes
Home, Office and Business Free Online Templates from HP
How To Leverage Your Business To Get More Done
Human Resources Toolkit Available From NAR

Hurricane / Disaster Preparation - For Business / IT
International Job Assignment: Good or Bad For An Employee's Career?
FCC Junk Fax Rule Takes Effect August 1  [2006]
Keeping Employee Relocation Costs Low and Morale High
KPMG's Guide to International Business Costs
Marketing Words
Nuances of Niche Marketing
Open For Business - Property Protection and Planning Resources
Postage and Shipping Rates: USPS, UPS, Federal Express (FedEx)
STAC Hydrogen Learning Center
The Life of Your Business - Free Government Web Site
Cost Segregation: Why are 90% of Real Estate Investors Overpaying Federal Income Taxes?  [2006/03]
Voters Overwhelmingly Favor Small Business Health Plans  [2006/03]
What Business Schools Are Teaching
ZoomInfo: Find Information On People and Companies



Celebrations / Holidays

Celebrations, Holidays, Special Events, Observances, Federal, State, Local
Click here for Celebrations, Holidays, Observances and Special Events Category Index Page




Computer and Technology Related
Everything Related to Computers and Technology, and Their Use, including Tips, Tools and Training
Click here for Computers and Technology Related Category Index Page



Conversation, Recycling and Reclamation Related
Everything Related to Conservation, Environmental Concerns, Energy Efficiency, Recycling, Reclamation, Buying and Building Green
Click here for Conservation, Recycling and Reclamation Related Category Index Page



All about Your Credit -- How It is Defined, How to Develop and Maintain Good Credit, Bankruptcy, FICO, Credit Reports
Changes in Bankruptcy Code More Favorable to Landlords  [2005/10]
Consumers Across the Country Now Eligible for Free Annual Credit Reports  [2005/09]
Credit Score and Consumer Understanding - Results of 2 Studies

Credit Score Truths and Myths
Credit Scores: More Debt May Raise; Late Payments May Lower [reprise]

Free Annual Credit Report for Consumers In Northeastern States Available Sept-Dec
How Your Credit Effects Your Homeowners Insurance
Katrina and Other Natural Disasters - Bankruptcy and U.S. Trustee Program
More Debt May Raise Credit Scores; Late Payments Drag Them Down
Ratings Agency Calls for More Credit Discipline  [2006/01]
Reminder: You Can Still Obtain Your Free Credit Report For This Year  [2005/12]
Understanding New Bankruptcy Law, Effective October 17

VantageScore - Credit Scores Standardized


Disasters / Emergencies
Disaster Information, Disaster Recovery, Emergency Response, Disaster/Emergency Planning
Click here for Disaster and Emergency Category Index Page
See also "Safety"
See also "Floods / Flood Insurance"


Eldercare Issues - Resources, Ideas, Encouragement, Planning, Caregiving
Click here for Elder Care Giving Category Index Page
See also "Seniors Issues"


Energy Conservation
Energy Conservation Help, Guidelines, Calculators for Property and Automobile, Savings Solutions
Caulk: The Hottest Thing in Home Remodeling
EIA: Annual Energy Outlook 2006 and Beyond  [2005/12]
EIA Energy Kid's Page

EIA: Higher Heating Fuel Bills Expected This Winter  [2005/10]
Energy Conservation and 13 SEER - How It Effects You
Energy Conservation Checklists To Reduce Fuel Costs
Energy Upgrades Can Pay Off Quickly
Energy Saving Tips: Landscaping Energy Efficiency and Savings Solutions

FTC Offers the “Inside” Story on Conserving Energy
Fuel Cost Calculators and Comparisons For Your Home
Fuel Cost Calculator For Your Car and Gas Prices by Region
Government Resources - Rebuild America - USDOE - Promoting Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
NAR Guide to Commercial Green Buildings
The Home Energy Saver
U.S. Agencies Partner for Energy Efficiency



Floods / Flood Insurance
Floods and Floods Insurance Issues, Including Tips, Resources, Programs
Benefits of Flood Insurance
Coping With a Flood - Before, During and After
FEMA NJ Flooding Disaster Declared 7-16-2004

FEMA's National Flood Insurance Program
FEMA Updates Status of Flood Maps
Proper Cleanup Can Minimize Flood Damage
Severe Weather Tips to Protect Property from Further Damage
What Is Flood Insurance?
What Is Your Flood Risk?
Wind & Flood - Prevention Techniques for Rebuilding
See also "Disasters/Emergencies"


Fun / Relaxation
Fun, Relaxation, Leisure, Games, Puzzles, Brain Teasers, Shows, Events, Festivals, Entertainment, TV, Radio, Movies, Shows, Music, Humor
Click here for Fun, Relaxation and Leisure Category Index Page
See also "Recreation / Things To Do"
See also "Travel"


Gardening / Farming / Lawn Care / Landscaping
Gardening, Farming, Lawn Care, Lawn Mowers, Lawn Mowing, Landscaping, Plants, Tips, Guides
Energy Saving Tips: Landscaping
EPA Resources: At Home and In The Garden
The Garden Gate: Gardener Resources On The Internet
Garden Trends for 2005
Five Simple Steps For A More Beautiful and Healthy Lawn
History of the Lawn Mower, Competitive Racing and Other Lawn Care Topics
Lawn Mower Maintenance
Making Dirt - Home Composting
New Jersey Farm Fresh Markets and Roadside Stands - Buy Direct and Preserve Local Farmland
New Jersey Pick-Your-Own Farms
New Jersey Weed Gallery
Plant Bulbs In Fall To Enjoy Flowers In The Spring
Plant Hardiness Zone Map and Heat Zone Map
Protect Yourself and Your Property Against Mosquitoes - Naturally
USDA - PLANTS National Database
Well-Maintained Yard Linked to Increased Home Value


General Interest and Broad Interest, Families, non-Real Estate, Moving, ReRecycling, References, Security, Literature, Arts
Click here for General (non-Real Estate Specific) Category Index Page



Heath Related
Health and Healthcare issues, Medicine, Preventive Measures, Dieting, Good Health, Nutrition
Click here for Health, Healthcare and Prevention Related Category Index Page


Homeowners Insurance and Insurability of Property
Buyer Beware: Insurability of Property
How Your Credit Effects Your Homeowners Insurance
See also "Floods / Flood Insurance"


Resources, References and Items of Interest to Military Personnel and Their Families
Active Soldiers Under Gun From Mortgage Lenders  [2005/04]
America Supports You!

Celebrate July 4th: Fireworks At Ft. Dix - 2005
Class 186: The Making of a Marine Officer
HUD Q&A for Reservists, Guardsmen and Other Military Personnel - Civil Relief Act
Meet Jack Army
Military OneSource - Assitance for Military Personnel and Their Families
Military Resources Available

Moving Wall Memorial Arrives In Medford New Jersey   [2006/06]
New Jersey Veterans Guide
Origin of TAPS - 24 Notes That Tap Deep Emotions
Real Estate Support Service for Military Personnel in South New Jersey
So You Always Wanted to Fly with the Blue Angels?
Support Our Troops Overseas: Operation Call Home


Mortgages / Loans
Mortgages and Loans, Interest Rates, Risks, Warnings - for Residential and Commercial
Click here for Mortgages and Loans Category Index Page


Anything and Everything Related to Music: including Genres, Festivals, Performances, Performers, Participation, Listening, Theory, Sources
Click here for Music Related Category Index Page



New Jersey Specific
Articles About New Jersey in General and/or South Jersey In Particular, State Legislation, Government, Taxation, Culture, Events, Security, Emergency / Disaster, History, Legacies, Festivals and Things To Do, Foods, People, Towns, Communities, Attractions, Performing Arts
Click here for New Jersey Specific Category Index Page


Personal Development
Personal Development, Improvement
Etiquette for Dining With Friends, Business Associates, Customers, Foreigners
New Year Strategy - SMART Goal Setting



Real Estate - Commercial
Commercial Real Estate News, Resources, References, Markets, Listings - General, Industrial, Office, Warehouse, Retail, Multi-Units and more
Click here for Commercial Real Estate Category Index Page


Real Estate - General
General Real Estate Articles, References and Resources, Moving, Relocation
Click here for General Real Estate Category Index Page


Real Estate - Investment
Real Estate Investing for Residential, Multi-Unit, Commercial, Increasing Value and Profits, Strategies, Training
Click here for Real Estate Investment Category Index Page
See also "Real Estate - Property Management"

Real Estate - Residential
Home Buying, Selling, Ownership, Maintaining, Improving, Savings, Renting vs. Buying, Staging, Selling Process, Organizing
Click here for Residential Homes Real Estate Category Index Page


Real Estate - Market / Trends
Real Estate Market Trends, Studies, Research, Analysis, Economy, Sales, Business Activity, Surveys
Click here for Real Estate Market Trends Index Page


Real Estate - Property Management
Real Estate Property Management, Tenants, Tenancy, Leasing, Renting, Multi-Units, Commercial, Residential, Multi-Family, Increasing Profits, Lowering Costs
Commercial Real Estate Improving, Vacancy Rates To Decline  [2005/03]
How to Screen Tenants for Your Rental Property
HUD Study Shows People With Disabilities Face Discrimination In Up to Half of Rental Inquiries
Tenants & Landlords - Part 1 of 4 - What Are Your Rights As A Tenant?
Tenants & Landlords - Part 2 of 4 - The Low-Down On Renter's Insurance
Tenants & Landlords - Part 3 of 4 - 8 Tips Every Landlord Should Follow
Tenants & Landlords - Part 4 of 4 - Resolving Landlord-Tenant Conflicts
See also "Real Estate - Investment"


Recreation / Things To Do
Recreational Activities, Sports, Things To Do, Places to Visit, Historic Sites, Museums, Performances, When and Where to Go, Cultural Events, Attractions
Click here for Recreation, Sports, Things To Do Index Page


Safety Issues, Accident Prevention, First-Aid, Avoiding Damages by Fire, Smoke and Water, Safety For Kids
Click here for Recreation, Sports, Things To Do Index Page


Seniors  Issues
Topics of Interest to Seniors and Adults over the Age of 55, Medical, Retirement, Reverse Mortgages, Housing, Long-Term Care, Senior Resources
Click here for Seniors Issues Index Page


More Than You May Want To Know, Everything You Need To Know About Taxes, Federal / State / Local
Click here for Recreation, Sports, Things To Do Index Page


Travel Tips, Suggestion, Getaways, Attractions, Dining, Eating Out, Sightseeing, Tours
Click here for Travel - Sightseeing Index Page



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